My Story

Do I define myself as an artist, or someone who is crafty?  Do I identify myself as a wife and mother?  Perhaps I am a school and community volunteer or a freelance tutor and editor.  I might be a collector or hoarder.  I have things.  I like to organize them, maybe that’s a problem.  I like to cook; I like to host parties; I like to socialize.  I like to make things.   I create. 

I am in a family.  I’m a friend. I’m in a book club.  I am on a committee.  I live in a small town in the home I grew up in.  My daughters go to the same schools I went to.   How did we get back to exactly where we started from? 

This blog is to share some of my love for things - paper things.  The massive collection of vintage postcards I inherited from my collecting mother has given me quite a dilemma over the years.  What do I do with them?  They are old, some are used.  They had been sorted and lovingly put into books.  Should I get rid of them?  Should I store them somewhere?  It was a dilemma.  But I could not throw them away.  They were funny, or sweet, or pretty or beautiful.  Some recorded history, others were profound.  Some were mundane, others kitschy.  I had to keep them.  Now I have to share them.

I am not a fanatic postcard collector, nor do I plan on diving into the wide world of deltiology.  But, I occasionally use an old postcard or stamp in one of my collages.  And I feel this collection is something I can share. 

I will keep my comments brief, and the images abundant.  Let me know what you think.  Offer a caption to the silly old photos, send me a crafty idea when it strikes, and feel free to click and print for your own artistic project.  For more on my life, my art, and my ideas visit my other blog art + food + friends.

As for this collection…it will no longer be confined to those dusty boxes in the basement.  I hope you enjoy.