Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Rally Day

Happy Rally Day!  This little gem of a card is a Rally Day Invitation - a reminder of a bygone holiday.  Celebrated to honor George Washington's Birthday, this year's Rally Day is February 23.
The card is a cute, color illustration showing three children with alphabet blocks.


  1. All of the Rally Day postcards I have seen are for Rally Day at children's Sunday Schools, and these are not for the same date at different schools.

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  3. One very early version of Rally Day is celebrated at Smith College. It is an annual celebration in honor of Washington's Birthday. That's where I got the date. I found that "Rally Day" was used various ways around the world.
    Thanks for your information You're probably right - this one may be for a Sunday School. There were no other notations.

  4. Great illustration. The bonus of the letter blocks was nice. Thanks for sharing.