Friday, March 4, 2011

Caption this!

This dark and somewhat damaged vintage photo postcard is still interesting to me.  It's a photo of 5 people standing out in the wind - only one of them is actually looking at the camera.  One of the men has a lawn mower, one of the women has a hose perhaps.  They have odd clothes, what's with that lady's hat?  They are standing in a desolate looking area...

What's their story?

Perhaps five friends plotting a scheme? 
Visit Friendship Friday on Beth's blog to check out some more great postcards!  Happy Friday!


  1. Cool photo pc. Probably spring cleaning before planting time. Maybe the grandkids stopped by to help out. Maybe it's their Easter Sunday and the hat looks like it's a big cabbage in a basket.

  2. Some people will go to any lengths for a perfect lawn.

  3. Interesting card. I always wonder what in the world is going on in some of these cards. Some interesting stories out there, I'm sure. If we only knew! happy pff!