Friday, May 6, 2011

Caption this!

This is an interesting old photo card.  It seemed so faded, I hesitated posting it onto the blog.

Original photo - faded and forlorn.
But when I used the "auto color correct" the details came through.  I think that the details are so interesting.  They seem to be sitting on some porch steps in front of a door, there's a rug beneath their feet.  She has a bird pattern on her stockings.  He's wearing a large pinkie ring and white socks. 
Antique photo postcard, color corrected.
The postcard was used, but there is also writing that says "Mabel + Jim" What's their story?


  1. They look a bit nervous of the camera. Great old card.

  2. The auto correct has really brought out the detail. They seem to be looking right at us from the past.

  3. They look so serious! Glad you tried the really helped with the details.

  4. Wonderful card. I want those stockings! :D :D :D The autocorrect really brought out the details. Happy PFF!

  5. Too nervous to smile. Very nice! Mine is here - Postcard Entry