Friday, July 8, 2011

Caption this!

The back simply says Souvenir Chicago.

This is a silly card - probably a photo-prop with a hole for the person's head.  It is odd because it looks so disembodied. The signature on the front is hard to read, perhaps "Jill Carroll"?
What was this person thinking?!?
Caption this:
"Help, Help!  I'm stuck!  Get me out of here!"


  1. That's not a very flattering way to display one's picture. It's probably referring to something that was popular at the time.

  2. vintage!

    "cool! wanna join me?"

  3. Not flattering but, oh, what fun - but it looks like she enjoyed her picture taken like this!

  4. To be honest I've never really understood the attraction of sticking your head through one of those props, and this card confirms my worst fears! :)

  5. The caption said, "Who's Chicago Baby Am I?"
    I hope someone knows. :)

    My Postcard Friendship Friday

  6. I wonder what year this was published. Perhaps it referred to a current news event???

  7. Curious postcard. I've seen others in, dare I say, a more tasteful vein, but this one is quite unique. Thanks for sharing it.