Thursday, July 7, 2011

Naughty Boys

I think this card is fun for it's naughty image - with those cute innocent boys.  Just the thing some little boys would do...
This illustrated postcard was sent in 1979, however the paper quality, printing and image would indicate that it's much older.  There is no caption on the back, however there is an identifying stamp.  I have looked a bit into the  markings on the backs of old postcards, but this was one I couldn't readily find.  Do you know the maker of this mark?

Unfortunately it's somewhat obscured by the writing.  It's interesting that the older postcard makers used some sort of printing stamp to mark their cards.  This is helpful when trying to identify the date and origin of the card.  Leave me a comment if you can offer some more information for this card.


  1. Mailed in 1979?! Amazing. I snooped around the list of publisher initials on the Metropolitan Post Card Club website, but I couldn't find a match.

  2. Thanks, I thought this one was a little gem - scandalous! I searched on the Post Card Club site for the stamp, as well, but couldn't find it. It's a great resource for identifying cards, though.