Friday, July 22, 2011

Caption this!

What do you think this old cowyboy would be saying in this photo.  I assume it's a re-enactment of sorts of a "Wild West" scene.

Caption this:
"C'mon, Bess, you need more git up in your giddy-up!"


  1. Great postcard! I noticed his gold pan is empty and I imagined him singing this to himself:

    There ain't no gold
    In them thar hills
    Cain't buy my wifey
    No dress with frills

    An mah mule here
    Will be singin the blues
    Cause ah cain't buy her
    no two pair of shoes

    But the worst of it
    If you knows what I means
    is that supper - again -
    will be beans and beans.

    (By Me)

  2. LOL! He's definitely had a hard day looking for gold. Fun card. Happy PFF!

  3. You can't make a racehorse out of a donkey. :)

  4. definitely lookin to pan for gold. Guess his mule? is looking at a mirage of a drinking hole.

  5. Despite of the heat he still smiling. hehe

  6. This reminds me of the "Goodnight Loving Trail" song! (

  7. The old man is still raring to go, but the horse is too exhausted already. Nice postcard!

  8. Cute card! The old man looks happy even in the heat of the place.

    Happy weekend!